Automated Customer Emails

A number of emails are sent automatically to customers. Some are triggered by user action (e.g. user registration or running billing) and some are time based (e.g. credit card expiry reminders).

Below outlines the automated customer emails that can be sent from the platform. There is also the ability to customise these emails - to see how, go to this Oooobypedia article


Sent when a customer first signs up to the website. The email is customised depending on when they will receive their first box, if they signed up to a drop site or for home delivery, and if we have published the contents of the upcoming box.

Subject: Welcome aboard

Hi {FirstName}!

Thanks for joining our community! You’re now contributing to a better food system that supports local, small-scale and organic food producers.

If they are using home delivery:

Please check that we have recorded your address and delivery details accurately.

If these details are not correct, please reply to this email with the exact correct details.

You can login at to;

  • check your balance,
  • set your delivery frequency,
  • change your details and
  • cancel, pause or amend your orders.

Username: {EmailAddress}
Password: ** as entered **

When will I get my first box?

If we know when their first delivery will be, and we have published box contents:

You will receive your first box on {FirstDeliveryDate}. You can see what’s coming up in your box by logging in to your dashboard.

If we know when their first delivery will be, but we have not published box contents:

You will receive your first box on {FirstDeliveryDate}. We operate in harvest cycles, so if you’ve just missed cut off for the upcoming harvest, your order will be part of the one following.

If we do not know when their first delivery will be:

Depending on your timing you may have signed up for the coming week of delivery, or the one after. The exact date will appear in your dashboard once your sign up has been processed. You can see what we’ve got planned for the next boxes here: {BoxContentsPage}.

If they have signed up to a drop site:

Where and how do I pick up my box?

If they have signed up for home delivery:

Do I need to be home to receive my box?
No, our drivers will leave your box according to the delivery instructions you gave us during sign up. Please contact us if you want to add to or adjust these instructions.

Any more questions?
Please visit our How It Works page at {HowToWorksPage} or just reply to this email.

We aim to do our very best and would love to hear from you if there is anything we can do better, so please don’t hesitate to email us with any feedback.

Thank you,

To avoid issues with our emails going into your spam/junk folders, please add the sender of this email to your contacts to continue receiving our communications.

Password Reset

Sent when a customer or crew member initiates a password reset.

Subject: Your password has been reset

Hi {FirstName},

We have reset your password. Your username and password are now:

Username: {EmailAddress}
Password: {GeneratedPassword}

You can login here:

Please change your password upon next logging in.

High five,


Purchase Confirmation

Sent to all customers receiving an order as part of a delivery event, when that event is created.

Subject: Your upcoming {HubName} order

Hi {FirstName},

Your {HubName} order will arrive on {DeliveryDate}.

Generates list of the customer’s order for that week, including quantity, product, and subtotal for that line. Prints total price at the end.

{Quantity {Product} {Subtotal}



Scheduled Billing

Sent to all customers paying by credit card, when a crew member runs the customer billing process. The items in the billing list will only show if applicable.

Subject: Your {HubName} account is due for a payment

Hello {FirstName},

Your account is due for a payment. {BillingAmount} will be deducted from your debit or credit card on {DateOfBilling}, to cover the next {NumberOfWeeks} of deliveries.

The {NumberOfWeeks} part does not show if it’s a once-off order, or if we are only collecting on money owing. The following section (“Any subscribed…”) will only show if using forecast billing, rather than debt-based billing.

Any subscribed, regular deliveries are paid in advance. Any one-off purchases are paid in arrears, and will show as a debt on your account.

Show a summary of any ongoing subscriptions, if any:

  • {SubscriptionSummary} for future deliveries

Show any outstanding debt (if using debt-based billing):

  • {DebtAmount} for your recent deliveries

Show any outstanding debt (if using forecast billing):

  • {DebtAmount} currently owing on your account for any unpaid amounts (this may include any one-off products ordered in your recent deliveries)

Show extra charge if paying weekly, if configured for the hub:

  • Plus {WeeklyPaymentAmount} payment fee for weekly billing

Show any discounts:

  • Less your {DiscountAmount} discount

Show any existing credit:

  • Less the {CreditAmount} credit on your account

Show any existing scheduled payments:

  • Less {ScheduledPaymentsAmount} from already scheduled payments

If you pause or stop your orders then any credit on your account will be waiting for you when you return. Please contact us if you want to postpone payment or if you have any questions or concerns about this email or your account.

View your dashboard for more options.

Warm regards,



Payment Reminder

Sent to all customers without a listed credit card, when a crew member runs the customer billing process. Identical to the Scheduled Billing email, replacing the first paragraph with the following;

Your account is due for a payment. Please make payment of {BillingAmount} by {DateOfBilling}, to cover the next {NumberOfWeeks} of deliveries.

Billing Failed

Sent when a scheduled attempt to charge a customer’s credit card fails. This will only send after a scheduled billing attempt - if running a manual charge from the customer’s account page, this email won’t be sent.

Subject: Payment failure

Hello {FirstName},

We hope you have been enjoying your {HubName} food service.

There has been a little glitch with your payment today. We attempted to deduct {BillingAmount} from your credit card, however unfortunately it failed for the following reason: ‘{FailureMessage}’.

If their account is now exceeding their debt limit:

Your account balance is overdrawn by {AccountBalance}. Your subscription has been automatically paused until your account is brought up to date.

This may mean your box will not be included in next week’s orders so please contact us as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,



Account in Debt

Sent when completing a delivery event, if the resulting account charge causes a customer to exceed their debt limit.

Subject: Account debt

Hello {FirstName},

A bit of sad news. Sorry :-(

Your {HubName} account balance is now overdrawn by {AccountBalance}.

Your subscription has been automatically paused until your account is brought up to date.

Thank you and kind regards,



Payment Method Expired

Sent when an active customer’s credit card is expiring in the next 2 weeks. This will only be sent if enabled in the hub settings page.

Subject: Your credit card is expiring soon

Hello {FirstName},

Just a heads up that the payment card on your {HubName} account expires soon or has recently expired.

To avoid any problems with your food deliveries, please update your payment card.

Kind regards,




Sent when a customer or crew member cancels their account.

Subject: Cancellation confirmation

Hi {FirstName}},

Your {HubName} delivery has been successfully cancelled, effective {CancellationDate}.

If the customer had a pending scheduled payment:

All existing scheduled payments have been cancelled.

Always shows:

Any outstanding balance will be collected in our next billing cycle.

Regards, {HubName}

Tax Invoice

Sent after a customer makes payment, and they have Requires Tax Invoice checked in their payment settings.

Subject: Payment Invoice

Hello {FirstName},

Thank you for your recent payment. You can download a tax invoice here:

Kind regards,



Cooler Box Reminder

Sent a day before home delivery, to any customers receiving chilled items. This will only be sent if enabled in the hub settings page.

Subject: Put out your cooler box

Hello {FirstName},

It looks like you have one or more items in your upcoming {HubName} order that require refrigeration.

This is a friendly reminder to put out a cooler box or similar so our drivers can place your chilled items straight from their cool storage into yours.

If they don’t find any cool storage with adequate space and ice packs at your address, we reserve the right to withhold the chilled items from delivery and donate to food rescue organisations. This is for your own safety and in such instances it would not be fair to ask to be credited.

We are operating this way so that together we can reduce our ecological footprint, though we also need to make sure that you are receiving products in line with food safety procedures. Meat for instance must remain at or below 5 degrees celsius.

We kindly ask you to share this responsibility to reduce unnecessary packaging.

Please do not fill your cooler box with ice, as some items such as cardboard boxes and packaging could get wet.

Kind regards,



Customer Promo Code

Sent when distributing unique, personal promo codes to all hub customers, to share with friends or family.

Subject: {SubjectDefinedByCrew}

Hi {FirstName},


You can find your personal promo code here: {PromoCodeUrl}

High five,