Box Labels

Box Labels are downloadable PDFs, formatted to print onto commonly available printable label sheets. They can contain packing and/or delivery information, to stick onto boxes.

Where Can I Buy Box Labels?

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Label Features

  • Multiple labels will be created if the order is sufficiently large. The pink box indicates total number of labels for an order.
  • A chilli watermark indicates that the customer is marked as Extra Care (all new customers are marked Extra Care for their first two orders). You can manually add a chilli watermark to a customers account by navigating to their Customer Overview > Details > press 'More Options' > Edit Details > and add your extra care date > press 'Update'. You may wish to use this for example if a customers eggs have been broken recently or items have been missed from their orders. It is a good idea to make those packing and delivering boxes aware of the chilli watermark.  
  • A snowflake indicates the order contains chilled/frozen items. A bread loaf indicates the order contains fresh daily items (e.g. bread).
  • Products and Delivery Routes can be colour coded, which is reflected on the labels.
  • Depending on settings, labels can show delivery and packing notes, exclusion items and replacement items.

Label Settings

Label options can be adjusted in Hub Details.

Box Label Order

Sets the order in which the labels appear on the PDF. This ordering is determined by the priority field on routes and products, not by their alphabetical name. Options;

  • Route/Product Priority: Group by Delivery Route, and within that by Box Type.
  • Product/Route Priority: Group by Box Type, and within that by Delivery Route.
  • Day/Route Priority: Group by Delivery Day first, then as per Route/Product Priority.
  • Day/Product Priority: Group by Delivery Day first, then as per Product/Route Priority.
  • Route/Delivery Order Priority: Group by Delivery Route only - this prints in the order of delivery.

Box Label Page Breaks

Start printing groups of labels on a new page, if an appropriate ordering option is selected in Box Label Order. For example, if Route Break is selected with Route/Product Priority, each new route will start on a new page.

Packing Start/End Time and Priority

Optional. Sets a packing time target to assist packing boxes within a deadline. If the packing start time and desired finish time are entered, the labels will show an estimated pack time in the lower right. This can be used to see if packing is behind or ahead of schedule.

The Packing Timed Priority Level is connected to a product Priority Level, and it will apply the packing window only to products at or below the defined priority. This is used if certain products/routes are subject to a deadline, but others are not.

Box Label Exclusions/Replacements

Checking Box Label Shows All Exclusions, No Replacements will hide any replacements from the box labels, and use the extra space to show all customer exclusions, even if that item isn’t planned for their box.

Note: Due to space constraints, when unchecked, the maximum number of exclusions that is displayed is 3. When checked, the limit is 7.

Note: 2x6 size labels never show replacements.

Box Label Format