Bulk-Deleting Ordered Products

Use the bulk-delete tool in the Delivery Event Details page to remove all products from purchases within a specific delivery event. Optionally, load all affected customer details into the email tool, to also send out customer communications.

Deleting an Add-On Product

Deleting an add on product will remove it from all purchases in that delivery event. The product will completely disappear from the delivery event after this action.

delete-event-addon-product- top

Deleting a Core Product

Deleting a core product using this tool will delete all purchases containing that product - but only if the selected product is the only item in their purchase. This can be used to delete empty custom boxes from an event, for example.

A core product is required in a purchase, so cannot be removed without first removing other add ons from a purchase. To delete an entire purchase including all add ons, use the Edit Orders page.

delete-event-core-product - bottom