Bulk Product Updates

You are able to bulk upload new product information. This is useful for when, for example, price changes are made.

Bulk product updates are achieved by downloading a CSV of existing add-on products, updating these via any third party spreadsheet software (e.g. Google Sheets) and then uploading the updated CSV to update any changed products.

This tool is found at Product Overview > Bulk Update

Download and adjust

There are two options to download a CSV of existing products;

  1. Download active add-on products
  2. Download all add-on products

Note: This tool does not support bulk updating of core products.

Open the CSV with any spreadsheet tool such as Google Sheets or Excel, and update as required. When editing the sheet, note that;

  • ID columns should not be changed
  • The first line of the CSV is ignored (i.e. don’t remove the header row)
  • Yes/No answers in the CSV can be answered with Yes/No, True/False, 1/0
  • Valid values for UnitType are Each, Grams, Kilograms, Millilitres, Litres, Ounces, Pounds, FluidOunces, Pints, Quarts, Gallons

Note: Only name, amount, price and active status can be updated.

Export or Save the file as a CSV when done.

Upload and update

Via the same page, choose the updated CSV, and press Save. If Test Only is selected, you will be informed of any errors with the CSV, with no updates made.

When all issues are corrected, upload the file with Test Only unchecked. All changed products will be updated.