Customer FAQs

What does "User disabled instant login" mean in activity notes?

Customers have an option on their dashboard to disable instant logins. It means that you can't generate an instant login url for them. It's a security feature for the customers.

Why has there been one billing cycle delay on a customer payment?

The customer received their delivery and had a payment scheduled, and then cancelled their subscription.  This cancels the scheduled payment too.  

The customer then receives a cancellation email which states: 

All existing scheduled payments have been cancelled. Any outstanding balance will be collected in our next billing cycle. 

On the next billing cycle the customer was charged.

How can you find inactive customers with an outstanding balance?

To view all customers with an outstanding balance navigate to Admin Dashboard -> Finance -> 5. Overdue Accounts.

To create a list of inactive customers with an outstanding balance

  • Go to Advance Person Search (Don't tick Enable Active Filter as you want to see the inactive customers).
  • Press "Search". This will bring up a list all of your customers.
  • Press "Show" next to Download CSV
  • Press "Download"
  • Sort the CSV by 'Is Active' (TRUE & FALSE); FALSE indicating inactive customers. Then cash balance (negative to positive). This will show you all inactive customers with a negative balance.

Can I bulk change all my customer's debt limits?

Yes you can bulk change debt limits by navigating to Site Admin -> 1. Hub Details -> Default Debt Limit -> Save

Why are some of my customers experiencing card declines?

See a separate article about this here.

How can I find all customers that are in credit?

  • Go to Advanced Person Search
  • Click on 'Search' once you've filtered the particular group of customers that you would like to view. (If you would like to view only active customers then check the box for 'Enable Active Filter' and then check the box 'Is Active').
  • Once the list of customers appears at the bottom of the page, click to download a CSV of these customers
  • Open the CSV in a Google Sheet or Excel and go to column G ('Cash Balance')
  • Use the appropriate filters to view all customers who have a positive cash balance showing.

How do I send emails to customers in the Ooooby system?

See a separate article about this here.

When emails are sent to multiple customers are the email addresses BCC'ed?

Yes, customers will not be able to view other customer's email addresses when they receive an email that has been sent to multiple customers.

What do the automated customer emails look like?

To see all the default automated customer emails see this article

How do I add a customer from the back-end of the system?

See a separate article about this here.

When using the ‘add note’ feature on customer accounts where do these reminders end up other than their activity notes? How do we get alerted to them?

Navigate to Crew Dashboard > Customers > 3. Incomplete Activity Notes. The brackets will indicate how many notes there are. Press on the number and the note will show up.

Can Customers cancel their subscriptions if there is an outstanding balance on their account?

Customers can cancel their subscriptions if there is an outstanding balance on their account. They will continue to be included in billing cycles to clear the balance.

Can customers make payments themselves through Windcave & Ooooby?

Customers cannot make direct payments through Windcave. Payments are taken after billing or they can can contact the hub and ask to be billed (i.e. if they would like to make a lump sum payment in advance).