Delivery Event FAQs

What is a Delivery Event?

A Delivery Event is created once you close the orders, thereby fixing the orders for that week and preventing customers from making any further changes. The Delivery Event Details page is where you manage the packing and deliveries. This can be accessed from the Crew Dashboard by clicking on Delivery Event Overview > View Details, once you have closed the orders in Subscription Fulfillment.

Can orders be changed/added once a Delivery Event has been created?

Yes. Although customers can't make any changes once you have created an event, you are able to edit/add customer orders by clicking on the Edit Order or Add Order buttons.

Can I see a list of total orders broken down by box type across all delivery routes/drop sites?

Yes. Click on the number below the Boxes column on the Delivery Event Details page (indicated by the red arrow in the image below) and a total breakdown will be revealed.

Screenshot 2022-09-29 at 14.08.33

There are a lot of buttons at the bottom of the Delivery Event Details page. They look useful but what do they do?

For a full breakdown of these buttons go here

What do I do if lots of customers have ordered a product that I can't deliver?

You can bulk-delete products on the Delivery Event Details page. See here for more info.

When using the 'Actions' link to delete empty custom boxes from a hubs order list it brings up a text box with a tick box for moving those customers into an email tool. Does anything happen when this box is ticked and, if so, what?

Yes, it opens up a new tab with the email tool populated with those customers so that you can easily let them know if an item has been deleted from their order

Is there anything that needs to be changed on the system if a hub moves their delivery days back one day on a bank holiday week?

No, you would just need to change it back again after the event is completed.