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Delivery Group Mapping

This is where you map the physical delivery areas for each delivery zone


  • In the Adding Delivery Areas & Drop Sites section you created the names and details (e.g. Day, Driver) of delivery areas and drop sites

  • In this section, you will map the physical delivery areas for each delivery zone

  • N.B. Delivery areas cannot overlap

  • At the bottom of the Homepage there is an image of your total delivery area. Once you have mapped individual delivery areas, an Ooooby onboarding manager will copy this in Hub Overview (super user access required) to create the delivery area on your Homepage. If you change or add delivery areas, contact Ooooby to update the changes on your Homepage map


  1. In Crew Dashboard, go to Deliveries -> Delivery Group Management

  2. Click the Delivery Group Mapping button

  3. From the drop down in the top right hand corner of the map, Select the delivery area you want to map (e.g. Thursday 1 (not mapped)

  4. Set route boundary by clicking on to the map to create your first node. Click again (in a clockwise direction) to create your second node, etc. You can be very precise (e.g. follow a road) with your delivery mapping, if you want to. Keep adding nodes in a clockwise direction until you have an area mapped

  5. If you need to add a new node between existing nodes, go to the “Mode” drop down at the top of the map, and select Mode: Reset Boundary Start, then double click on any node to make that the new starting point node. Then click in a clockwise direction from the new starting point to where you want the next node to go (N.B. This is a little fiddly and takes practise!)

  6. When you have created your delivery area, click Save

  7. Then select your next delivery area from the drop down, and repeat the process

  8. When you have saved a mapped delivery area, it will display in Customer Area Mapping (see below)

Delivery Areas in Customer Area Mapping

Screenshot 2022-08-31 at 15.32.04


Total delivery area shown on the homepage

Screenshot 2022-08-31 at 15.32.59