Delivery Route Optimisation

Delivery routes will be automatically optimised, into an order that is best for delivery. This can use one of two available algorithms, as selected on the hub settings page in the Delivery Routing Algorithm setting.

Routes will be scheduled for optimisation after creating a delivery event (e.g. closing orders). The algorithms aim to minimise travel duration rather than distance.

Google Maps Shortest Route

This algorithm will use Google Maps data and attempt to find the shortest route between all the deliveries, taking into account the assigned start and (optional) end addresses.

Previous Route Order

This algorithm will attempt to use the previous delivery event’s order for this route, as much as is possible. Any deliveries that were active the previous week but not in the current week will be discarded. Any new deliveries will be inserted into the route in the optimal position, using Google Maps data to minimise the route duration.

A hub can select whether the system defaults to using Google Maps to find the shortest route each week or using the previous week's route by selecting the preferred option on the Hub Details page (see image below).

Screenshot 2022-10-06 at 11.54.28

Can I change the delivery route once it's been set for a delivery event?
Yes. Click on 'Details' to the right of the route on the Delivery Event Details page. Scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see the following buttons.

Screenshot 2022-10-06 at 12.03.24
For minor route changes, click on 'Adjust Route Order' to move individual customers to a different position in the route (drag and drop).

For a complete change to the route (e.g. if you know of a road closure), click on 'Manual Optimisation' and select each delivery point in the preferred order, clicking on the blue marker first, as this represents your start point.

In both cases press 'Update Route' once you have finished editing.

What if we have multiple delivery runs on the same day but one of our drivers isn't available? Can I combine routes?
Yes. On the Delivery Event Details page, click on the 'Combine Routes' button and add the relevant routes together so that one driver can complete more than one route in the most efficient way. Give the combined route a new name and route code and press the 'Combine Routes' button at the bottom. The system will combine the routes using Google Maps. Please note: This will only combine the routes for that delivery event. Once that event is completed the routes will return to normal, ready for the next delivery event.