Ooooby offers you the flexibly to run your box scheme the way you want to. You have the option to finalise your orders just once for a given cycle (or week) or, if you'd rather, you can finalise your orders over multiple days to allow for a consistent "leadtime" for customers across multiple days to edit their orders. 

What is an event?

Ooooby uses events as the primary organising mechanism for coordinating the sales, packing and deliveries of orders to customers.

An event is a representation of the customer orders for a set of delivery days within a given cycle. An event can be a single delivery day or a series of delivery days, as illustrated in the diagram below. 

When an event is created, the event moves from Subscription Fulfilment to Delivery Event Overview, and customers no longer have the ability to amend their orders (only crew admin can).

In Delivery Event Overview, your team is provided with the necessary information to pack and deliver customer orders and communicate this with your customers.



  • Easier to manage (you only need to close an event once per cycle)


  • Inconsistent "leadtime" experience for customers. Customers receiving orders of delivery day 1 have X (if customer leadtime = X) days between being able to edit orders and receiving their delivery, whereas this time period is X+2 for customers receiving their order on delivery day 3


  • A consistent "leadtime" experience for customers of X days (if customer leadtime = X)


  • The need to close multiple events within a period and print / organise, in the above illustation, 3 x the paperwork

How to create an event?

The creation of an event finalises the customer orders to be packed and delivered on the days set out in the event parameters (see illustrations). 

To create an event see Subscription Fulfilment article. 

FYI - the displaying of future events (in Subscription Fulfilment) happens automatically, and are displayed on a rolling basis. You will have visibility of two weeks of future events. 

What is a delivery day?

A delivery day is the day on which the customer received their deliveries. To create multiple delivery days within a single event, you will need to apply a delivery delay to delivery day 2, 3, etc. To do this see Adding / Editing Delivery Areas & Drop Sites article

    What is Delivery Event Overview?

    See Delivery Event Overview article 

    What is Subscription Fulfilment?

    See Subscription Fulfilment article