General FAQs

What is Ooooby?
Ooooby provides grocery delivery software and support for farms and local food retailers to sell online and deliver to homes and/or collection points.

Why would I want to use Ooooby?
  • Improve reliability - Ooooby is a proven system, having already handled more than a million transactions. Our software gives you the ability to easily manage all operations, from customer ordering and packing, to delivering and customer billing. 
  • Reduce time - The Ooooby system has been built by people who run box schemes to solve real world pain points.
  • Share the ownership - We're committed to user  ownership. The more you sell the more you own the platform.

Can anyone use Ooooby if they deliver veg to households?
We believe strongly in the benefits of food that is produced ecologically/regeneratively and support businesses that do the same. 

How is Ooooby a decentralised model?
Hubs that use the Ooooby software are independently owned and have their own identity. Ooooby provides a platform for these independent small-scale food producers, distributors and retailers so that they can benefit from the system and from ongoing software improvements. 

Ultimately, Ooooby will become a user-owned platform meaning that ownership will be shared amongst everyone who uses the Ooooby system.

I already sell food on my website. Why do I need Ooooby?
Using Ooooby software makes running your business easier and enhances the customer experience, resulting in an increase in orders, whilst maintaining independence.

What kind of support is available to help me use the Ooooby system?
We’ll support you through the onboarding process and the first week that you go live on the system. One of the Ooooby team will be assigned to you as your main point of contact thereafter.

Who currently uses Ooooby?
For an up-to-date list of hubs using the Ooooby system click here

Can I integrate the Ooooby system into my existing website?
Many hubs keep their own website and link their Ooooby site for veg box orders and management. As an example, go to the Shillingford Organics website and click on the Veg Boxes tab in the main menu. You can also use your Ooooby site as a stand-alone website, using your own domain, similar to Langtons Farm

I already have lots of customers and products on my existing system. How can I move across to Ooooby?
We can provide you with bulk products and customers import tools. All you will need to do is enter the relevant details and we will upload them on to your Ooooby system.

Does the system work if we deliver to collection points?
Yes, many of the existing hubs deliver to drop collection points.

What does it cost for me to use the Ooooby system?
The set up fee is £350 to cover all onboarding support. We charge 2.5% on sales if your monthly revenue is below £20,000. This percentage reduces as your sales volume increases. Please contact us for further info.

Are there any other costs?
Customer payments are taken using card details which are stored securely and, as normal, there is a charge for payment processing. We work closely with two payment processing providers, both of which offer:

  • Competitive rates - 0.6% for debit and credit cards and 4p per transaction
  • Reliable payments
  • Quick payments - the money arrives in your bank account the day after it has been taken from your customers.

Can I generate reports from the Ooooby system?
Yes, all sorts of reports can be generated and downloaded, including sales and financial reports, as well as subscription and retention reports.

I can see that there is already a hub using the Ooooby system in the same area that we deliver to. Can I still use the system?
Yes, you can use the Ooooby system no matter how many other hubs use it in your delivery area. Ooooby is an operational toolkit for independent businesses to use wherever they are. 

What are the plans for Ooooby in the future?
We have lots of exciting plans for Ooooby that hubs will benefit from, including adding a number of new features.
In April 2022 Ooooby received impact investment from a number of impact investors, including the A-Team Foundation and Be the Earth Foundation, to back our next phase of development. This investment will enable Ooooby to grow as a local and ecological food platform without diluting the core principles of independence and autonomy.
Ooooby is committed to a path of progressive decentralisation to becoming a user-owned platform. This means that Ooooby will ultimately be owned and controlled by the farmers, artisans, hub workers and customers. We will never sell out to centralised control.

How do I get started?
To book an online demo please click here

For more on Ooooby take a look at our blog articles.