How Do I Change The Offset For Fortnightly Deliveries?

Use this feature if a fortnightly customer pauses a subscription (to go on holiday, for example) and wants to offset their delivery cycle

  • Crew are able to change the offset of a fortnightly delivery on a customer’s behalf

  • Customers are unable to do this themselves -this would take some fairly major UI changes to make this intuitive for them

  • To change the offset of a fortnightly delivery (i.e. if a customer pauses a fortnightly delivery and then wants their delivery to come the week directly after the pause) customers will need to contact the hub owner

  • Determining whether the offset of a customer's next delivery will be 1 week later or week 1 earlier depends on timing of an event creation
  • If the pause has been made in the future, and there are delivery events between the present and the date of the pause still to be added to the Delivery Event Overview, then the offset will bring the delivery a week earlier
  • If the pause is create in a week directly after a week displayed in the Delivery Event Overview (Complete or Incomplete), then the offset will be a week later. In this scenario, if you wanted to bring the offset a week earlier (& therefore into a Delivery Event, you would have to add that order manually to the event that has already been created)


  1. In Crew Dashboard, search for the customer making the request to change the offset of their fortnightly delivery

  2. Under Subscriptions, click Details then Edit. This will bring up the following window:

    Screenshot 2022-08-31 at 17.04.09
  3. Edit the following new fields:

    1. This subscription will be fulfilled every: this is where you can quickly change the box frequency. If a customer has a fortnightly delivery, this will be set to: 2 weeks. If the customer gets a weekly box, this dropdown will disappear

    2. Next Delivery Offset: This will initially display “No Change”. To offset the customer’s delivery by a week after a pause, select: 1 week later / earlier

Click Update Subscription. The customer’s order will remain offset until you change the Next Delivery Offset back to No Change