Delivery Event Overview Summary

The Delivery Event Overview is where you can view your closed events (i.e. the events with finalised orders). 

What is Delivery Event Overview?

The Delivery Event Overview is where you can view your closed events (i.e. the events with finalised orders).  For more information on events, look at the Events article. 

From here, you will be provided with all the the necessary information to pack and deliver you customers' orders. 

Incomplete & Complete Events

The 28th September event in the image above is Incomplete: this means the packing & delivery actions of this event are still to take place. 

The 23rd September event is Complete: this means the packing & delivery actions for this event have been completed, and customers' accounts have been updated (to complete an event go to view details -> Set as Completed)

Delivery Event Details

By clicking the "View Details" button in the top right hand corner of a particular Delivery Event, you are able to view:

Delivery Route Details

number of deliveries per delivery route and associated information is displayed as below:

Clicking on a number in the "Boxes" column will reveal a breakdown of box types and their quantities.

Clicking "Details" on the righthand side will allow you to:

  • Make general edits to delivery route details
  • Update the route
  • Manually optimise the route
  • Adjust the route order

View Product Details
Below is how your products for this particular event are viewed. By clicking the "Actions" button on the righthand side, you are able to delete any orders with only this product. This could be useful if:

a) If there are any Build Your Own/Custom Orders (core product) with no add-ons included. This prevents an "empty box" from being included in a delivery route, stickers being printed and possibly a delivery charge if applicable.

b) That product is no longer available (& therefore you want to ignore orders with only that product) 

Combine Routes

Use this to combine multiple delivery routes. NOTE: Once delivery routes have been combined this action cannot be undone within the event.

Edit Orders

Use this to edit individual customer orders; customise exclusions or replacements; or delete an individual order from this delivery event

Add Orders

If a customer requests an order to be added after the event is created, do so here

Import Orders 

This is an import from Shopify. It was something used in a previous version of Ooooby. It's not something we would want to encourage anyone to use.

Set Up Routes

Useful if a regular driver is away and you want to change the driver name for a route in just this event.

It can also be used to change the start and/or end location of a particular route unique to the event.


This delete's the event from Delivery Event Overview and sends it back to Subscription Fulfilment. NOTE: Any changes made whilst in Delivery Event Overview will be lost.

Send Confirmation Emails

Sends purchase confirmation emails to all customers in this delivery event.

The email will be structured as below:

Subject: Your upcoming {HubName} order

Hi {FirstName},

Your {HubName} order will arrive on {DeliveryDate}.

Generates list of the customer’s order for that week, including quantity, product, and subtotal for that line. Prints total price at the end.

{Quantity {Product} {Subtotal}





This locks the event so that changes can't be made after paperwork is printed. You can easily unlock but it makes sure that you're aware that the paperwork will be wrong if you make changes.

Set as Completed

Click this when you have packed & delivered all orders in this delivery event, and have made any adjustments to customers' orders that may be necessary (e.g. if a customer didn't receive an order). This will update customers accounts and account balances.

Produce Details

If populated shows a list of produce that is included in the event (plus historic produce if copied over from previous events). It also shows the box types and their contents. If published this is what is shown under each box type on the customers home pages. In produce details you can also find a list of exclusions relating to the box contents.

Extras Manifests

Lists of extras that can either be sorted by product/box type or by delivery route.

Exclusions Report

A detailed list of which customers have an exclusion, what their exclusion is, and if applicable their replacement.

Email Details 

A full list of customers emails should you need to contact them. Can be broken down into product types and delivery routes. Useful for example if you need to tell everyone with a large box that you have had to replace a product last minute or everyone on a particular delivery route that their delivery is delayed due to a puncture.

Box Letters

If you would like to create letters to be included with your boxes you can be as informative and inventive as you like here. Include box contents, recipes, farm news, events, promotions...


Generates checklists specific to suppliers, entire dry goods and refrigerated products. Downloadable information includes which customer has ordered them and with what product (e.g build your own box). 

Delivery Manifests

A complete list of customers, their orders, extras and delivery instructions downloadable per delivery.

Deliveries Map

A pinned map of customers included in the delivery event.

Print Routes

These are delivery sheets printable for the driver in delivery route order. Yellow colouring indicates a packed fresh daily item is included. Blue colouring indicates a chilled item is included. If chosen (an option in hub details) QR codes can be included so when scanned by the driver the customer is sent a message that the delivery has been completed.

Print Chilled Labels

Prints labels for customers with chilled items. Will include a snowflake watermark for easy identification.

Print Fresh Daily Labels

Prints labels for customers with pack fresh daily (extras) items. This is particularly useful if all your customers boxes are the same, then you only have to print these labels for those with extras. Will include a bread watermark for easy identification.

Print Box Labels

Prints all customer labels for attaching to boxes in order specified in hub details. Depending on size of label can include name, address, delivery number, date, delivery instructions, exclusions, replacements, box type and extras.

Print Box Packing Manifests

Prints all customer orders onto a sheet of paper. Two or four to a page is more efficient in paper and ink. These are often used instead of labels if a hub uses bags as they are more easily attached than labels. If produce details have been populated then they are included. The list has check boxes which can reduce pack shed errors if implemented. Extras are also included and if more than one is required will be printed in bold.