Filling Out Hub Details

Hub details is where you can edit, amongst other things, your: contact information, delivery fee details, where you can change box label types & can edit your Homepage Header, Status Message, Homepage Info and About Info


  • You will fill in 90% of the hub details during your first onboarding session. Your onboarding manager has access to your hub details (in Hub Overview) as a super admin. There are several fields that you have to be a super admin to view/change

Steps - Setting Hub Parameters and Preferences

  1. In Crew Dashboard, under Site Admin go to Hub Details

  2. Edit fields with the following information:

  • Site Email: If you put a hubs own email, then emails from the system are prone to end in spam therefore use, and then we set up a forwarding mechanism. We are working to be able to use hub email addresses (so they don't end up in spam)
  • Accounts Email: Same as site email
  • Phone Number: Phone number that customers would use to contact the hub
  • Delivery Type: Choose between Home Delivery, Drop Sites or Both (most hubs chose Both)
  • Delivery Routing Algorithm: Choose between Prefer Google Maps Shortest Route and Prefer Previous Route Order. i.e. use google routing or routes you used the week before. You'll need to start with Google Maps Shortest Route and then, if you don't like the way the Google Shortest Route works, change to Prefer Previous Route Order in your second week.
  • Print Delivery QR Codes: Tick if you want QR codes on the drivers run sheet. If the driver scans the QR on their phone it will generate a text for the driver to send to notify the customer of the delivery. iPhones won't pre-populate the text but Androids do.
  • Delivery Fee: This is the delivery fee for an "urban" delivery (i.e. a delivery within your inner delivery radius), if under the Free Delivery Minimum Order threshold.
  • Rural Delivery Fee: This is the delivery fee ON TOP of the Delivery Fee if a customer is within the "Rural" (i.e. outer) delivery radius.
  • Drop Site Delivery Fee: This is the fee charged to pick up from a Drop Site. N.B. Collect from the hub can be achieved if a crew member selects pick up in the customer's profile and this is free. Customers cannot select collect from the hub themselves.
  • Free Delivery Minimum Order: This is the threshold amount for free delivery. Orders above this value (both urban & rural) will get free delivery. Generally people add on in order to get over the free delivery minimum order threshold. Ask what is your largest box - possibly make threshold £7 or so more than that
  • Weekly Payment Cost: Ignore. Ooooby used to be charged by payment gateway not on a % but more on a fee
  • Wage Per Box Delivered: This can be used for both drivers or pick up point hosts. For every box delivered by a driver or picked up at a pick up point, if set to say £1, the driver or host would be credited this amount to their Ooooby account. It's an incentive
  • Default Debt Limit: Sets the limit that a customer can go into debt before the system stops them from receiving a delivery. A soft debt limit is when you allow a customer to go into a small amount of debt - it gives them a grace period to continue receiving their deliveries whilst they sort out the reason why the payment was not successful (the system defaults to this). A hard debt limit is when a customer cannot exceed their debt limit
  • Customer Billing is Debt-Based: The default is that the system looks into the future and charges customers in advance for what they are subscribed to based on the number of weeks in their billing period. If this is what you want, leave this box unticked. If this box is ticked customers will be billed in arrears for the deliveries that have been completed at the time that customer billing is done. (money will come out of their account the day after)
  • Custom Box Product: Ignore
  • Credit Card Reminders: Tick if you want the system to send out an automated reminder to a customer when their bank card is nearing it’s expiration date. This helps to avoid card declines.
  • Cooler Box Reminders: Tick if you want the system to automatically send out a reminder email to customers who have ordered chilled items to leave out a cool box for the delivery driver to place chilled items. This email is sent out at about 7pm the evening before the delivery. Means driver can have all the chilled items in a single cool box in the back of their van
  • Box Label Order: This is for how you want your labels to be printed and it's a good idea to come back to this but in essence:
    • Route/Product = printed firstly by route, then by product (e.g. small, med, large) within each route
    • Product/Route = printed firstly by product (small, med, large), then by route within each product type
    • Day/Route = printed first by delivery day, then by route within the days and by product type within routes
    • Day/Product = printed first by delivery day, then by product type within the days and by route within product types
    • Route/Delivery Order = prints exactly in the order of deliveries
  • Box Label Page Breaks: This will put page breaks between the label groupings based on the Box Label Order that you select. e.g. If you have selected Route/Product then at the end of each route, the system will put in a page break so that the next route starts on a new page. It does tend to waste labels though
  • Packing Start Time: Ignore - doesn't really work unless you have a specific type of packing system
  • Packing End Time: Ignore - doesn't really work unless you have a specific type of packing system
  • Packing Timed Priority Level: Ignore - doesn't really work unless you have a specific type of packing system
  • Facebook ID: The system requires you to enter a valid facebook ID. Use this for a link to your own Facebook page at the bottom of the homepage. Copy the bit after .com/. If you don't have a Facebook page just enter n/a
  • Twitter ID: Use this for a link to your own Twitter page at the bottom of the homepage (optional)
  • Instagram ID: Use this for a link to your own Instagram page at the bottom of the homepage (optional)
  • Pinterest ID: Use this for a link to your own Pinterest page at the bottom of the homepage (optional)
  • Video ID About Page 1: If you have a video, you can add videos on the About page. Vimeo or Youtube - if you go to the share button there is a code - use this (optional)
  • Video ID About Page 2: Space for a second video (optional)
  • Time Zone: Use GMT for UK
  • Paper Size: This is the size of paper used for all printing (leave as A4)
  • Box Label Format: Go to labels section for example formats
  • Box Label Shows All Exclusions, No Replacements: The system has the ability for the customers to request exclusions (e.g. artichokes) and then you can put exclusions against the customers account. If you curate artichokes into their subscription box, on the label it will then say "no thanks to artichokes". You have the option in the system in the produce details section to see how many customers who are saying no to artichokes so in there you can say we will replace for those customers with, say, beetroots. In which case, on the label for those customers it will say "no thanks artichokes", "replacement beetroot". A lot of hubs don't bother with specific replacements, i.e. they will replace exclusions with whatever extra they have. If you tick this box, the label will show a full list of customers exclusions regardless of whether those items are curated into the box but no replacements will be displayed. If you don't tick this box then it will only display exclusions that are curated into the box
  • Homepage Header: See photo below
  • Status Message: See photo below
  • Homepage Info: See photo below
  • About: This is is the About section and where you should write about your hub
  • Tax Number: Enter your tax number here. If you do not have one enter 123456
  • Default Tax Rate: Defaulted to 0%
  • Fresh Produce Tax Rate: Defaulted to 0%
  • Freight Tax Rate: Defaulted to 0% but this should be set up as 20% if you are VAT registered and you charge a separate delivery fee
  • Fresh Produce Category: Once you have your categories set, you then select the category that you want to display at the very top of the products page
  • Company Name: Not necessarily exactly what HMRC knows you as. It's your entity - partnership, ltd etc
  • Postal Address: Enter your hub postal address here
  • Physical Address: Enter the name of the address of the place that you run your hub from. This may be different to your postal address.
  • Store Enabled: Completely redundant
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Hub Details Fields

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