Hub Pauses

How to pause your hub.

Hub Pauses

You may wish to pause your hub, for example for a holiday or an out-of-season break.

Within the Admin Dashboard navigate to Deliveries > 7. Hub Pauses > press 'Add Pause' > enter relevant dates > press 'Add Pause'

You can set as many hub pauses as you like.

If you run a fortnightly delivery scheme you can use this feature to set your delivery weeks.

In the example below the hub has a pause through January and runs a fortnightly scheme until June.

Hub Pauses and Fortnightly Subscriptions

If you pause your hub this will not impact fortnightly subscription schedules.

For example if a fortnightly customer is scheduled a delivery on your pause week they will receive their next box two weeks later, as in the example below:


If a fortnightly customer is scheduled a delivery the week following a hub pause this will remain the same, as in the example below:

Switching a fortnightly Schedule

If you would like to change the fortnightly schedule of a customer see here