Print Box Packing Manifests Button

What is a Packing Manifest?

A Packing Manifest includes information required for packing and delivering an individual order.

Packing Manifests can be downloaded and printed by using the Print Box Packing Manifests button at the bottom of Delivery Event Details

(Admin > Delivery Event Overview > View Details Button > Print Box Packing Manifests).

Packing Manifests can be used as an alternative to box labels (useful if labels aren't suitable, for example if bags are used instead of boxes). 

Manifest Features

  • Customer Name
  • Customer Address
  • Delivery Round / Delivery Route Order Number
  • Delivery Date
  • Delivery Notes if any
  • Customer Notes if any
  • Core Item (s)
  • Core Item content if a Preview has been created (see here )
    Each product has a check box to help eliminate packing errors 
  • Add-On Items
  • Delivery Fee if any
  • Price and Order Price Total

  • A chilli watermark indicates that the customer is marked as Extra Care (all new customers are marked Extra Care).
  • A snowflake indicates the order contains chilled/frozen items. A bread loaf indicates the order contains fresh daily items (e.g. bread).

If a customer has any exclusions (recording an exclusion)  the excluded product will be greyed out on the list as above.

If multiple items have been ordered they will appear in bold.

Box Manifest Order

Sets the order in which the Manifests appear on the PDF.

Use Box Label Order in Hub Details (Admin > Site Admin > 1. Hub Details)

This ordering is determined by the priority field on routes and products, not by their alphabetical name. Options;

  • Route/Product Priority: Group by Delivery Route, and within that by Box Type.
  • Product/Route Priority: Group by Box Type, and within that by Delivery Route.
  • Day/Route Priority: Group by Delivery Day first, then as per Route/Product Priority.
  • Day/Product Priority: Group by Delivery Day first, then as per Product/Route Priority.
  • Route/Delivery Order Priority: Group by Delivery Route only - this prints in the order of delivery.