Products FAQs

How do I make changes to a number of products at once?

See a separate article on bulk product edits here

Why is there a tick box for Fairtrade certification on the Edit Product page but no other certification?

This is an incomplete feature. It doesn't actually do anything yet

Why is there a default donations category in product overview and how can it be used?

We have some products marked as donations. This used to come up with a check box during sign up asking if they wanted to add a donation to their orders. 

How do I add new products?

See a separate article on creating products here

What do I do if customers have ordered a product that I now can't supply?

See a separate article on bulk-deleting products that have been ordered here

One of my customers says that they added extras to their order but it isn't showing on their account. Why is this?

This will have happened if the customer forgot to press the 'Save' button on their customer dashboard, after adding the extras to their order.

In the marketing section of the Admin Dashboard one of the options is 'Distribute gift product'. What is this?

If you have a free product (e.g. £0) that you want to add to customer orders (e.g. a product sample, a flyer, a free gift etc) this will add it to all customer orders in a Delivery Event, unless a customer has already received that item.

For this feature to work you must add the free item as a product, make it 'crew only' (e.g. can't be seen by customers) and set the price at £0.00.