Recipes Page

What is the recipes page?

Recipe Sharing and Visibility
Within the customers dashboard there is an option to use a link to a recipes page.
As a hub you can choose to show your customers, within that page:
  • All recipes from all hubs

  • Only your own recipes (for example Vegan recipes only) 

  • No recipes (this will hide the link completely)

You can also choose if your own recipes can appear on other hub's recipe pages. If deselected, your own recipes will only show on your own recipes page.
To change these settings navigate to Site Admin > 1. Hub Details (the options can be found at the bottom right of the page) > Save
If you choose to use all the recipes there are currently more than four hundred for your customers to use.
There is a useful search function:
With detailed ingredients lists, instructions and author:
You can add to the list or to your own recipes by navigating to Recipes > 1. Recipe Overview > Scroll to the bottom > Add Recipe > Fill in as appropriate (adding ingredient tags to aid the search function) > press Save