Sending Customer Emails

The Send Customer Email tool makes it fast and easy to send personalised emails to targeted groups of customers.

Start typing any customer name or email to open the autocomplete drop down. Add a subject and body, and press Send to deliver the messages.

Emails will be automatically prepended with a personal greeting (“Hi {FirstName}”) and appended with the hub name and phone number.

Checking the “marketing email” checkbox will exclude any customer with the Opt out of Marketing Communication setting checked on their account when sending emails outside of a delivery event. The marketing opt out will not work when sending emails from within a delivery event (after orders are closed).

Creating emails from other parts of the site

Other tools throughout the site will generate lists of emails for customer comms. These include a button to open the email tool and autopopulate customer names/emails.


Links to this tool can be found in:

  • Customer overview
  • Advanced person search
  • Delivery event email details
  • Delivery event preview email detail

Can I send newsletters out via Ooooby, including to contacts who aren't current or previous customers?

Only past or current customer data is stored in Ooooby. However, you can link a Mailchimp account so that people interested in your business can add their details on your home page to be kept up-to-date. Their details will add to your Mailchimp database automatically.

To do this we need you Mailchimp API key and Mailchimp Audience ID, both of which you can find in your Mailchimp account.

Will it be possible to link the system up with a different contacts database other than Mailchimp, e.g. Clavio?

It would be possible, it's just not built yet. It's on our to do list!