Sending Emails

Sending emails from within the system, where to send them from and how.

You can send emails in many ways within the system. Each email sent will come from one of three distinct email “streams” designed to enhance functionality.

The email streams are categorised as follows:

  • Transactions: This stream is intended for sending all automated emails and cannot be unsubscribed from.
  • Updates: This stream is used to deliver account updates and can be unsubscribed from.
  • News: This stream is  used for promotional or marketing emails - and can also be unsubscribed from.

When composing an email, you will be prompted to choose between “order or account updates” and “promotion or marketing emails” from a drop-down menu at the bottom of the email field.

It is important to select the appropriate email type as both “Updates” and “News” streams offer an option to unsubscribe. Not selecting the correct email type could result in recipients receiving unwanted messages , which may lead them to unsubscribe from all future communications.

Automated Emails

The system has many automated emails set up. To read more about them click here. Some of the automated emails can be customised. To find out which ones and how to edit them click here.

Emails from Customer Overview

If you would like to send an email to a specific customer this can be done within their customer overview.

When you click on send email a new tab will open with the email field ready for you to populate.

As above, choose the correct option for the email type. There is a help❔button if needed.

Emails from Advance Person Search

After you have used the Advance Person Search you may wish to email customers relating to that search.

When you have your search results you have the option to send them an email as below:

The email field is the same as in Customer Overview (see above).

Using the Send Customer Email button.

The "Send Customer Email" button can be found in the Customers section of the Admin dashboard. This takes you to the email field.

You can start to type names or email addresses in the Recipients box as you would in customer search.

Complete as above.

Using Email Details within an Event

Using the email details button within a delivery event allows you to send event-specific emails.

Using the Product Filter in Delivery Event Emails allows you to select all those associated with certain product types (or all product types) for

  • All customers in the delivery event
  • New customers 
  • Existing Customers
  • All delivery areas in that event

This may be useful if you need to email everyone on one delivery round. E.g. to let them know the delivery van has had a puncture and is running late.

Or an email to those with a large veg box on two of your delivery rounds that they have white onions instead of red.

You can also download a CSV of these customers and their orders.

Sneak Peek Emails

Sneak peek emails are valuable emails that can be sent from within Subscription Fulfilment. See here for information on them.

Order Confirmation Emails

These are important emails to send out when you have created your event to let customers know what they can expect to be delivered and when. The Send Confirmation Emails button can be found in the top row of event buttons. 

You will be prompted to make sure you wish to send them.

After sending, the button will be greyed out to prevent them being sent again.

A confirmation email looks like this:


All replies will go to your own email address.


Currently pictures cannot be added to emails. We plan to offer this functionality in the future.