Platform User Roles

What do each of the roles mean and who needs to use them?

Edit Roles is used to allocate the correct access to the system.

Each allocation should be thought about with care

To edit roles navigate to Customer Overview > Details > press 'More Options' > from the drop down choose 'Edit Roles'


  • Only used by Ooooby Platform employees. Should be assigned with care and caution.
  • Allows giving other users Administrator access. Allows changing access for existing Administrators.
  • Allows giving access to multiple hubs.


  • Typically used by hub owners.
  • Required to set permissions on other hub employees.
  • Gives access to most (but not all) other hub roles.


Gives access to:

  • All delivery and logistics functions: Delivery Event creation/editing/deletion and associated functions.
  • Delivery area/groups.
  • Hub pauses.
  • Produce uploads and changes.


Gives access to:

  • Billing, charging or updating credit cards, refunds.
  • Financial overviews and reports.


Gives access to:

  • Promo codes.
  • Surveys.


Gives access to:

  • Recipes.
  • Testimonials.
  • Custom pages.
  • People profiles.


Gives access to:

  • Adding/removing/updating products.
  • Bulk product uploads.


Gives access to:

  • Customer accounts and data, less financial transactions.
  • Note: All of the above roles implicitly grant the CustomerSupport role due to the many links back to customer dashboards, and the many ways to access customer data anyway.
  • Required to access the admin dashboard.


Gives access to:

  • Driver delivery tool.


Gives access to:

  • Reports.


Gives access to:

  • Customer dashboard and linked pages.
  • Required to access a customer dashboard.
  • All users should have this access by default.


Not used.