Creating Box Types

The Ooooby system requires customers to have at least one box in their order, below are the steps to creating these boxes


  • The Ooooby system requires customers to order at least one box, or as they are called in the backend: Core Item

  • This core item can be subscribed to, or ordered as a one off

  • Add-ons (additional products) can be added to the core item

  • Some hubs create a "Build Your Own Box" which allows customers to choose exactly what they want - but they still need to have the BYOB core item selected

  • Photography (see examples below) is really important to sell what's in your boxes. Some tips on photography:

    • Don't use the same photo for your large, medium & small - make sure there's more in the large than the medium etc

    • Take your photos from the same position

    • Use your produce in your photos!

    • For a Build Your Own Box, some hubs have an image of a empty box with produce around it

Steps - Creating Boxes (or Core Items)

  1. In Crew Dashboard, go to Products -> Product Overview -> Add a Product

  2. Add product information as per Step 2 in "Steps - Creating Products" in the Products, Categories & Groups section, only difference being:

      • Product Type: you will need to select Core Product from dropdown

      • In Core Product Details:

          • Short Code:

              • LGE - Large Veg Box

              • MED - Medium Veg Box

              • SML - Small Veg Box

          • Packing Priority: number by packing priority (i.e. 1 is packed first; then 2; etc)

          • Allow Extras in Box: Tick this. If you don't tick this then it will only print the extras on the label for this core item if the customer doesn't have another core item. This was created because some hubs pack some boxes (e.g fruit) in a separate location on an earlier day to the rest of their boxes. The problem however was that when a customer has both e.g a veg box and a fruit bag, the extras show up on the fruit bag labels instead of the veg box label, which can cause packing issues. What was wanted was a way to make sure that extras only go onto the fruit bag labels if the customers don't also have a veg box.

  3. Click Save

  4. To create your next core item, you can click Edit for the box just created and then scroll to the bottom of the page and click Create Copy. This will open up a new product with the details already entered, and you can edit only the bits required, beforing clicking Save


Steps - Creating a "Build Your Own Box"

  1. Follow the steps above but there are some differences to consider:

      • Name: "Build Your Own Box" or "Fill Your Boots" or "Custom Box" - whatever you like

      • Short Name: e.g. BYO Box

      • Price: The price you apply here, if you apply a price, would essentially be a packing charge (i.e. if set to £2 the customer will pay £2 plus whatever they add to the box). You can set this to 0.00

      • Product Image: A tip for BYO Box is to display an empty box with products around it

  1. Click Save (if you have set 0.00 as the price, a box will open up saying “are you sure this product should have no cost” - click OK)

Screenshot 2022-08-31 at 15.50.37

Screenshot 2022-08-31 at 15.50.56

Example showing photos with varying quantity for each box size

Screenshot 2022-08-31 at 15.51.06