Adding Addresses

Follow these steps to manually add an address


  1. In Crew Dashboard, go to Customers and click Add Address:

  2. Fill in the blank fields as follows:

      • Start typing address and select an option: Start typing address name into this and, if address is found, address details will be auto populated

      • Allow manual override: Click allow manual override if fields are not auto populating or if the red pin is not automatically positioned to the correct location on the map

      • Company Name: Add company name (if required)

      • Building, Floor or Unit to Country: Add address details (if not done automatically)

      • Delivery Instruction: For the hub address and drop site addresses you can leave this blank (there is another opportunity in the next section to add drop site collection instructions)

      • Is Business Address: Tick if address is a business address

  3. Click Save

Screenshot 2022-08-31 at 10.54.31